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NEVER let any man define you

Well... I'm 13 [I'm bi.. but nobody knows exept for Dylan and Christian (you will hear about them later in my story!) and my parents are very religious so theres NO WAY I'm telling them!!] and I've always been a player . . . then i found this guy (Dylan) that i REALLY liked. so i stopped being a player. i was always faithful. i never cheated. NEVER! but Dylan was a complete JERK! i thought he was different but he isn't. and never will be. He kept it secret that he was still in love with his ex(s) and other girls he knew. and he got all of my friends phone numbers and started flirting with them. my friend showed me her phone and i saw messages from him flirting with her. i thought 'okay.. just flirting.. no big deal' but then i saw a message saying '(my name) makes me want to commit suicide' and one saying '(my name) is ugly' so i told him what i saw and he swore he didn't say any of that! after a long month of HELL! i finally broke up with him.. i cheated on him twice and each time i admitted it to him. and now hes begging for me back. i don't trust him AT ALL anymore! I'm done with his bull****!!! now i am back with him again! I'm so dumb.... how could i fall for his little games again??? Well, I'm dumping him for my new boyfriend (Christian).. He is really sweet and super cute. but i still have a crush on this guy that goes to my church. but he is 16 so we will never happen anyways. but he likes me back(: but he doesn't wanna be with me because of age :/ i thought age was just a number? well i don't know because Christian is 16 and he still wants to be with me <3 well yea. don't EVER let a guy disrespect you! he doesn't deserve you if he doesn't treat you like his princess. and NEVER let any man define you .. to:the girls.<3


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