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After the AfterParty and my girl had been going out for 3 weeks so not long at all, and I had my formal/afterparty, she goes to a different school, I was drinking that night, i was at hers and we were talking about me promising her I wouldn't cheat on her, I pinky promised her, she didn't trust me, I Trusted myself. I never thought it would happen. So I went to the formal, was good, afterparty, where I expected would be no girls there because my mate didn't know many, my girl was sitting at home worried and just waiting to hear the disappointment, I got hammered, can't remember anything but skulling butterscotch schnapps out of the bottle, the next morning, I got kicked out of their house during the night, didn't realize why, so I get to school on Monday and everyone's laughing at me bagging the crap out of me, I got told the story, devastated, I fucked some slut who I never would of, no protection, my mates sister walked in and mum, apparently told us to stop and we didn't, by this time the party had moved down to my mates bar so the house was quiet and empty, before that I remember avoiding that girl and any because I loved my girlfriend, but she whispered in my ear " your gonna f*ck me tonight" ( I was a virgin at this stage) so yeh, I was at school, after school I had no choice but to tell my girlfriend, I felt so guilty, I didn't believe it, but I know it happened.. I took a train and.a bus to my girlfriends house, very long ride, thinking about how I was going to tell her. So then it's 10 minute walkfrom the bust stop to her house I. Hadnt worked out how I was going to say it, I knock on her door, she's home alone, I had tears in my eyes, she looked at me and said what's wrong? I walked in told her to come sit down on her bed, I held her hands looked her in the eye, and told her, I couldn't help myself but cry, I looked at her, her face was blank, motionless, she didn't know what to say, I said I was so sorry, and if she wanted me to leave, as said no, please stay, she held her tears in till I left, we sat there hugging for ages, she was off to Thailand fr2 weeks so she go some time off, I never felt so bad in my life, staying true to me, I didn't deserve it at all, but she told me no one could love me like she does, and she stuck with me, In the end, we were together for another couple of months, (she kissed another guy) then it went stale, not because of what I did, but I was guilty for putting her through the pain, she cut herself because of me!! we ended up breaking up thinking it's for the best, still as friends we talked, everyone reminded me of that night, I can't help but cry thinking about it, me and her still talking everynow and then, she got a boyfriend, cheated on him with about 4 guys, she didn't care about him, i was going away to perth for 10 weeks and I saw her for the first time since we broke up, the day before I left, she hadn't had a boyfriend yet, but we shared a kiss, that sent shivers through me as soon as our lips touched, we then felt another connection, we can't keep away from eachother, I went away she got a boyfrien to try get over me...we talked a bit, I told her I still loved her, eventually I came back and after a month, we were seeing eachother, see she was seeing another guy at the same time, I gave up but as I did she said to the other guy she cnt do it anymore, she gave him up, for me, there has always been a connection with us, so after a bit, I asked her out.. Were officially back together and happy, an I knew this time, I really felt for her, I love her I committed and she took a while to trust me again, we had never really told eachother we loved them, before this, I said it, I had trouble getting the courage to, I said it, and she said it back, we are in love, now we've been together for 2 months, and never in my life have I been this happy, were comfortable, and I know I love her, I know I'll never hurt her again, I can't help myself, I know I'm young, so what. Im mature enough to have a real relationship to be inlove with someone, Ive given up everything, nothing else matters but her, I don't go out partying i don't talk to other girls, I don't even drink. Me and her are perfect, this relationship has made me realise how much she loved me because she didn't leave me, she didn't want to lose me, I love my girlfriend, and I always will, I have cravings to marry her, this is how I know, she is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with, she makes me happy. One day I am plannjng to marry you K-L.W ( we talk from the moment we get up to the moment we sleep)


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