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He is amazing and I am happy

I was in a really bad relationship sence i was 16-17 years old for 3years. He lied to me cheated on me, and worst of all put his hands on me. I wouldnt say me and his 3years was completly the worst because i had ALOT of great memories with him and although me and him are trying to do this "friend" thing its way more difficult than thought. I had to leave wen he put his hands on me. He didnt say sorry and we didnt speak for 2months. In that 2months time ive found the most amazing person i would ever ask for. Some one who came and swept me off my feet. "J" is his name and he is a everything i needed. With my ex i was in a state of depression and i tryed to do very dangerious things to myself becasue i was so sad crying EVERY night because i wasnt never on his mind and he never cared about me at least i think so. But "J" is a dream come time. Its been 8months and He loves everything about me, flaws and all, and he thinks im perfect with every little aspect. We have our dumb arguuement, it gets hard with him being a hour and a half away at school, but he makes sure he never goes to bed mad at me and even if he is i always get a phone call no matter wat. He is amazing and i can honestly say i am happier than ive been in a long time.
ily J.


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