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She sees me as a brother

I fell for her at first sight. So naturally I made friends with her. And with little difficulty, I fell for her more and more as I got to know her. But what can I do? She sees me as a friend, as a brother. I don't want to betray that trust.
Her every smile, her every touch, her every word, I cherish and hold close to heart. I blush whenever she teases me and I can't look her in the eye when I talk. I act arrogant and deny all her claims to hide that I care.
She's not like other girls, concerned about fashion and boys and who's the newest, hottest singer. Basketball, video-games, comedy shows are more her style. She teases me and keeps score of the basketball games she's won against me. I just scowl and retort that it's only because I'm a gentleman so I let her win. In fact, it's only because I was too busy looking at her face to realize that she'd stolen the ball.
But I don't care. It doesn't matter if she'll never love me back. I just want her to smile. I'll do whatever it takes to let her be happy. I'll protect that smile till the day I die.


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