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It was about time

I had given up on the possibility of finding someone special to share my life. After 25 years of marriage and dealing with a series of infidelity I pulled the plug on my marriage vowing never to trust again. The last infidelity occurred despite our being extremely happy in every aspect as partners. His infidelity just didn’t make sense. Thus, I felt the harsh bite of the fatal flaw I believe simmers in the heart of every man, the inability over time to resist the advances of an attractive woman.

While married, I had long thwarted the advances of an extraordinarily handsome man about 6 years younger than myself and figured him to be a player looking for action. This type of guy is an automatic no-go for me. After my separation, this no-go guy and I finally had a chance to talk seriously upon which he told me that he his whole body filled with goose-bumps when he’d see me. ***PLAYER*** screamed in my head. I figured this was just another line and told him that I was too old for him and he’d better forget about me.

There have only been 2 men who have sent electricity through my veins throughout my life – he is one of them. But I didn’t want him to know this so I continued to thwart his advances. Over time we became friends. I did notice that he couldn’t keep his eyes off me when I was in proximity and he fumbled in words and manner when he’d approach me. Eventually, I thought perhaps he wasn’t putting this on. But I still didn’t understand his reaction to me because I ranked about a 4 (but, I am definitely a 9 when compared to women my own age) on the 10-scale when it came to what is his range for attractive, much-younger women.

Although I tried to avoid it, friendship developed into an incredibly powerful romance. In the club where we met, we received loud cheers when we walked into the room together as a couple for the first time. People told us it was ‘about TIME’ we got together since the chemistry was powerful and unmistakable between us. To say that this man has been my rock, my lover, my inspiration and kindred spirit is an understatement. His passion, vulnerability, humor and patience set my heart on fire as never before.


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