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You are the reason

My story begins when i was a little girl and when my future boyfriend lived across the street from me. I was maybe eight when i met him. We were very different. I was bold, loud and had no problem saying what i thought. He was quiet, shy and let other have their say. You can see why we got along. We grew up playing together and had a lot of fun playin any game we did. I wasnt always into him, i thought he was great and fun but i just was not looking for a boyfriend. In fact i was against it.

It was when i was in the seventh grade that i started to see him differently. It was like i woke up and saw how kind, funny, loyal, smart and talented he was. Nd lets not forget how attractive he was. He was great and i began to try to get him to look at me or laugh at my jokes. Friends teaaed me fo it but every kid does that. Now when they made fun of him about ushe was always so chill i thought for surehe wasnt into me. So i gave up ........

Or so i thought. Late in the year of 2009 we got close. Well kinda, we played with feathers n mulch n puzzles. I was 15 then and he was almost 15. Not long after my mom talked with me and told me to tell him. I was freaked n scared. But i did......well after i madehim say what hethot of us. I asked where he thought we were as in friends ,more than friends or less thanfriends. He was looking down n said he thought more than friends. I was shocked and totallt happy. What he saw in me ill never know. Two days later we were in his room andi listened to him play the guitar. His mom and i made him. Poor guy. But that day i nov 2 2009, i asked where we were going to go. He said he had waned to b more keep down my huge smile and excitment i had him promise that if we didnt make it that we would still b friends. I did not want to lose him. He said that we would. when i went home that night i jumped aroind in my room.

It has been almost 15 mo nths and every day i fall more in love with him and everyday he sees me he hugs me, kisses me, and tells me he loves me and never fails to make me feel beautiful andwanted ad woorth it.

Thanks for everything babe, life with you has been an amazing dream and i wouldct trade it for anything. You arethereason for the smiles and laughs. You do so much for me and i hope this shows how i feel. Everyday u promise me forever and everyday i believe you even more. I love you so much.
C.B. + N.H. forever. Xoxoxoxoxo


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