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Sadies Dance

I'm in highschool and I asked this guy i liked for awhile to the sadies dance, i was so nervous!!!! Guys you have no idea how hard it is for a girl to ask! I had to do it will all his friends there because that was the only time i would get to see him [he does pseo, so he goes to college] But he said YES! i was so happy!!! On that day, he was the perfect date! He gave me his jacket, opened doors for me, we danced, it was really fun! and we held hands the whole time! the "sheiffs also try to pull you apart from you date.xD [you had to, or the "sheriffs" would take you to jail to kiss, ] Then on the bus ride back home we were leaned into eachother using his jacket as a blanket and we "slept." I'll never forget that night. =D


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