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Paul was there for me

My name is jen and im 19 and livin life. Let my explain. I had been. In been in a bad relationship at 16 with a 19 year old. Got hit all the time n lied to n was cheated on. When i got out i was in bad shape and. Paul was there for me. He was a childhood friend. After a while he helped me heal n trust again. He had wathed me for years and never let. Harm come when he was around. When my ex tried to get me back he fouffght him. Afnd i started to fall for him. Whe i told him this he smiled n said that he always felt that way n kissed me. We got together then n hewas good to me. Treated amazingly and never yelled n never made me do things i didnt want to. I loved him and he told me he did when he held me under the stars on his 18th birthday. I was just 17. Well a few months later i found a girl talking to him and before i cud join in i saw her jmp up to kiss him. I froze. Paul saw me right after he pushed her away n tried to hug me. I pushed him away n said ''so u were just like the other guys. If i wasnt here wud u have let her'' he said she was his ex and he was trying to tell he didnt care fr her n wanted to stop talking at all. After a minute i asked if he had loved her he looked at me n said one wdord ''jen.....'' i nodded n walked away bfore i cud cry. I wasnt lookin n all at once i heard paul scream my name n. Saw a car. My worl was black. I woke up in a hospital n cud see i was in bad shape. I looked over to see paul was holdingmy hand n asleep on it. I statted to crywhen i remembered. Why was here. I was a jerk. Paul woke up n saw hmme. He smiled az e wiped my tears n cried himself. Before i cud talk he sai ' thank god. I thot i lost you. Do u remember anything ?' I said all that happend n looked at our hands n asked how long its been, he said'well 5 days that u were out, 467 days we dated, 9 years of knowing u,7 years of loving you and 5 days of praying god wud give me a second chance wth you. I cried n said. Was so so so sorry. He cried n hished me n came close to me n said ' never say that beautiful' i said. I was sure i was ungly now. He shook his head n said not to me and kissed me passionaterly. When he was down i thought and told him ' no im lucky to have yhe second chance with you. '
We have been together from then on without any oblems. Hes my world n eveything. Thanks paul u saved me more than once i love you babe.


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