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I am a seventeen year old girl and whenever i think of me n my bf i smile. It is the sweetest story i want to tell u all. When i frst meat my niklas i was maybe just seven. And we didnt really hang till the next year, he was seseven ten. As we grew up i saw him change. He once had a heart filled with pain and anger but the older we got the nicer he was. He was quiet n crqazy attractive. I believe d there was someone inhis life already. But a year before i saw him differently. I saw who he really was and i stared to fall for him. He is kind,loyal, funny, smart and never has a bad thing to say about anybody. He is amazing with a guitar. Then on nov 5 kin 2010 he had said that he would like me to think about dating him. Two days later while we were in his room after he set his guitar down he looked at me and said, ''chrissy, i know i wasnt a great kid but for a long while u ave filled my mind lik nothing can. You are a beautiful person and id ve to say that you are mine. Will you please go out with me? I cafnt stand wit anmore and id understad if you said no. I mean i wasnt always nice to you. ''
I of corse said i would. It has been almost 15 months from that time. And everyday gets better for me and him. He loves me n promises forever and as each day moves i believe him a little more. I had once ask why and when heloved me and he said, '' i had like you for a looong time. But u were hurt n didnt believe in love. So i waited. And when i saw u look at me differently i waited still till i was sure. Ix say i waited 8 years to date you but had fallen in love with you two years before. And it was worth it. ''


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