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Happy he is in my life

When i finally got internet i was estatic (: i met soo many friends lol probably too much (: but there was one who had been very special from the start, that was abt grade 9.... He found me off hi5 (ikr) he added me on msn, then we started talking, he was so pleasant and fun to talk to, i grew fond of him and we became close friends at the beginning we both had someone even though at first i was just interested as a friend. The topping of the cake for me was when i started sharing poems (: they were so sweeet :) though i thought he wrote them for his gf one day he shared with me a poem that seemed too much of our friendship and he admitted it was for me. Over timewe both end up single and drawn closer soon after we were together, it was a great relationship, he called me almost every day (: woke me up lol wud be a tiny bit mad but he gave me so much of his attention and it made me fall in love with him more. Tho we were so connected we never met until almost a year after we knew each other because i was hardly able to go out (my aunt was strict) We met 2 days after my birthday, being with him gave me the best feeling of my life, it felt so true we were together for along time with some ups and down and then one huge issue came along): tore me apart for prolly a year and even now it hurts if it comes back up, but ive gotten passed it and we started over now we're bestfriends and our love is stronger than ever...who knows where it will go from here but i honestly feel he is my soulmate i beg God all the time to keep him in my life and i thank him so much words arent enough to express how i feel we've been really close for abt 5 years and i hope we'll get back one day but im fine at the moment just happy he's in my life

We've had many great times (: will never forget


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