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Blank Ceiling

Sitting, staring at the ceiling. It's blank like you and I. How do we get here? When did I give you my heart and now I ask my self why did I? You saw something in me that I never saw in my self and our love was so passionate that it made me want to cry. But now I don't cry of joy. I cry of pain. Loss. Heartbreak pointblank. I never wanted to feel this. I never wanted what we had to break but you broke it. Broke it in to so many peices it can never again be mended. Our love felt so true. So rare. It's like you tapped into my every sense. But now that's all gone. We have a strangers. Just humans in this great big world casualy passing by one another. Strangers. When at a point we were like one. We needed each other. I gave you every thing i had to offer. My heat. My soul. My body. I go through my days and tell myself not to think about you but how can I when your in every move I make. There is always something there to remind me of what used to be. But walking down that memory lane is like taking a stroll down a desserted street filled with ghost. When walking down that street used to be like walking into the gates of heaven. Never anything to dread. Or anything to cringe at the sight of. How I wish I had answers to you and I and how we got to this horride place of silence. Dispair. Death. Longing. I wish I could get you back with just my words. But it seems our love. That unconditional love I will always have for you. Is not inside your heart. And that's what broke mine. You have become my first wound that has yet to shut. But once it does, it will have left a scar that will never go away and will always be know as my first love.


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