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The gossip continues, but i love it

So, I was friends with a boy named Michael. We were always hanging out, and he started to become my best friend. we would be together always-0 we'd see each other in the hallways, before and after school, and we'd walk together to lunch. You would not believe the gossip! It's ridiculous. Everywhere I go, I'd get teased. Then, the unexpected happened. since we had been in band for 3 years, our band teacher was having a party in the band room. Okay, so our band room and choir room are connected by an area where the elevators at. The band room would have stuff like DDR, a real DJ, and pizza and pop. Michael was in band too, so i was really excited. We hung out the entire time, watching the Goonies in the choir room, eating pizza, and just being together. at one point, he went back to his locker to go get something, so i went with. we raced back, it was one of the best times ever. That was the first time i actually considered liking him.
so, then later (also for band) we had to go the mall to play christmas carols. we seperated into little bands, and were at the mall for 2 hours. me and Michael walked together, the entire time. It was great.
Now, we're partners for this HUGE assignment, and are always having to go to the library to work together. Then, it happened. We were at our table working, when he came out with it. i don't remember exactly how he said it, but i remember him saying "i like like you." i felt like i was going to die, i was so happy. i told him that i liked him, too. he also said that he's not onna be a jerk like in Transformers 2, and he told me, "I love you." i said it back to him. then he said, "so are we bf and gf now?"
i smiled and siad yes.
now, we are inseperable. he promised to take me on the wild thing at the mall, and he'd would see me during the summer, which i like. i guess i have a fairytale ending, don't you think? i got an amazing guy who's super sweet. He calls me his "inspiration" (we are both artists), and that before, he didn't paint much, but now he always does. oh, and also, he told me today that i "get more beautiful everyday". What a guy!
The gossip continues, but i love it. finally, it's about something that i like to hear.
I love you Michael.


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