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When i turned 18 i ran away with him

The first time i saw him was at my b-day party when i had just turned 16 (Now i will be 22 soon). He was standing with a couple of his guy friends under a tree and his car was parked right under the same tree. I could still remember when i saw him driving up with them and me asking my friend if she knew them. I told my friend i thought he was cute. So she went and told him what i had said a couple of min later he went up to me and we talked for the first time. He told me that he had seen me at a party before and he also new some of my boy cousins which he had told them to say hi to me for him. My stupid cousin never told me about that ''Hi'' until i asked him if it was true! Later that night we went are ways but before he left he gave my friend a little peace of paper for she could give it to me. It was his phone number.... Just the next day my phone rings and it was him..I asked him how he got my number and told me that my same friend gave it to him. I was happy he called cus i thought he was nice looking. He would call me every day and after a month he asked me to be his gf. I said yes cus my friend and sister made me. I liked him but that was it. Weeks went by and i started to have feelings for him. He went out a couple of times cus my mom and dad would not let me go out much. They didn't even know about him cus i couldn't even have boy friends. He was so nice to me. When i turned 18 i ran away with him cus i was still not allowed a have a bf. 5 months after i ran away with him we got married. We have a baby boy that will be 2 yeas old. We will be 3 years married on march and we r still so in love. :)


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