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Back to my home land

I was a girl who never blived in luv stories never blived in luv and hated d word luv..Bt one day i had a chat wid a guy who was my own cousin bro yes v r muslims so it doesnt matter atall.....he use to tease me asking me to gt married and all that stuff n he is that kind of guy u knw tall handsome dark...and yes he is really very short temperd and v were chatting online for almost 2 yrs bt never said each other abt our feelings u use to tested me by making me jelous that he met a girl and al dat stuff...and yes i use to get jelous coz so many girls in his cllg were completly flat on him.and one day v had a very big fight(v were still not commited)and v did not speak to each other for 4 days he use to come online bt never use to msg me and me also same...v both have a bit of EGO in ourslfs and then on 5 day i said him sorry and appologised to him and at that time i remmber it was 10 pm at night and one of my freinds bday 1st june he asked me if am serious abt him or not and i did not say him anything he said me that he knows that i luv him too and i said yes....BT u guys knw wht v have a twist in our luv story....he had a gf he said that he luvs me too bt he luvs that girl too at d same time isnt it interesting.....i asked him if he is going to dump that girl out for me he said no...that thing was which touched my heart it shows that he did not dump that girl for me and back stabbed her so he wont do it wid me 2 and second thing before anything he said me that he is commited wid some one and did not lie to me our hid it wid me...he is a v true guy and i belive him no matter wht v had so many prbs in our luv life after geting commited i went to india for my vaccations and all of hiz sis got to knw abt us and once on the day of my uncles marriage he called me up to his room early in the morning whn every one was sleeping and v had our first kiss and d second was whn every1 was sleeping at late night 2 am on the stairs and d third time again in his room at 7 o clock night whn every1 was awake and searching for me i was in his room anyways that a big story bt his sis tried to separate us by lieing to him abt me and lieing to me abt him they even told my mother every thing abt our relationship thinking that my mother will never let me to talk to him again bt my mother never stopped me....i think my mother is ok wid it bt she is not able to belive that her daughter who use to hate love stories is in luv.. bt v are still commited and u knw the most exciting part of our luv story is either he will marry that girl and me and become the husband of 2 wifes or.........if he cant marry that girl he will marry me and happy abt having a bf who had never lied to me...and scince v are not indians and v are arabs.(yemenis)u knw a guy can marry 2.Am excited to c wht is going to happen next in ky life after 2 yrs..hope every thing goes well.My bf actually asks both of us(that girl and me)to compramise an both of marry to him and live happy coz he luvs both of us a lot at the same time....
I knw it sounds wierd bt this is a fact i really really luv him and now am back to my home land and missing him a lot


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