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I am so thankful

Has ur friend ever done something for u that u can't thank them enough for?  Dont take friends for grant-it. I have never been so thankful for the most amazing girl In my life. 
    My friend and I were going to pick up these girls I didn't know. They ended up ditching us. So my friend calls up this girl in one of his classes. We went and picked her up and we were going to the tilly willy bridge.   I hade know Idea who she was and all my friend did was flirt with her the whole way. Somehow he ended up driving with another friend and it was just me and her. I'm not good with girls nor talking to them.
    We got to Talking and we just drove around. I constantly stalled on purpose to spend time with her. Come to find out, I had no problem talking to her. We kept a conversation going all night  and never stopped. I felt so comfortable with her and felt like nothing culd come between us. 
    We ended up getting followed that night by these guys u a 4-runner. I looked over at her and told her I won't let anyone hurt u. My friend came back and we got away from those guys following us. 
     I ended up taking her home later that night and went to my friends house. I txted her and we started talking 24/7. That next weekend I went to her house at midnight and stayed in my car with her. It was freezing so I held her to keep her warm.
    I would tickle her to get her face close to mine. She kept laughing and saying stop it but I culd tell she didn't want me too. After a few times I eventually kissed her. I can't explain how amazing I felt. I felt weightless and so warm inside. It was a big step for us. I ended up going home about 6 in the morning. Six hours has never felt like 30 minutes for me. 
     According to her I'm not allowed to love her yet. Shes got a guard around her that she can't let up about love. Ever male figure has failed her in her life. I plan to be the one that changes that. I have never felt this amazing overwhelming feeling about a girl. I dont know yet if I love her or not but I know I will one day. And I she will have to accept it one day and love me in return. 
     Don't be afraid to Love.  Love is and wonderful thing and nothing compares to it. U dont want to miss out on the great thing god gave


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