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My Name iS Annie iAm 13 Years Old And iMa A Cheerleader! Well iM One Of The Very Popular Girls And One Of Pretty Girls.! iM Almost Never Single But iHave Only Been Kissed Twice By The Same Guy.! (iSahis] iThougt iWas iN Love Me And iSahis Had Been Dating For About 3Weeks Before He Kissed Me.! One Day He Was Walking Me To Cheerleading Practice And Just Kissed Me My World Was Spining He Was My First Kiss.! iWas So Happy iDidnt Stop Smiling For About A Week.! Later On That Week He Kissed Me iN Front Of His Friends Witch iThought Was Kinda Weird.! About Threee Weeks Later My Best Friend Alissa Over Heard Him Talking To His Friend About A Girl To My Suprise That Girl Wasnt Me Later That Daii iFound Out That He Had Been Cheating On Me With A Girl Named Monica.! iWent Up To Him And Asked Him About Monica And He Said iT Was All True But That He Didnt Like Monica.! My Heart Was Broken iWent To Cheer And Cryed iWent Home About5 Still Feel Really Sad.! iTs Been About 2 Months Since That Happed And Now Hes Lying To Everyone And Saying iM A Hoe And That Wee Went All The Way.! He Never Said Sorry And Monica Always Gives Me Dirty Looks.! iHate Knowing that The Guy i Sheard my1st kiss With Cheated


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