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I can't help but smile

I usually surrounded by my boy classmates. All of them treats me or shows me good actions when they talk or go near to me. Except for this one guy. He's quite handsome, very funny and we're friends. But every time he talks to me there's always an additional punch on my shoulder and very insulting comments about me(physically,emotionally,,etc). He always pisses me off every time we see each other in school and even in mobile phone when he text me. But one thing i don't understand is that, even though he do those things to me,...i can't help but to smile. I noticed that my anger for him won't took long. We make our projects together, sometimes i helped him in our assignments, and more. Until i realized that i'm into this guy,.i like him,.he's my crush. Time passes by, my admiration for him is growing. Until i knew that he already had a girlfriend. I cried after i heard the news. After that i acted strange. I was so bitter and very evil to him. We only talked about school stuffs,no mores jokes and hitting each other in a funny ways. Months after, they broke up and my energy rise up! :D everything goes back to normal, the way we treat each other. Until another problem came,... my best friend's boyfriend happens to be my crush's friend. The boy friend told me that i should be careful on my actions or relationship with my crush because he knew something bout what's happening. He told me that, my crush already knew that i like him so much.,.that's why he's finding ways to make me happy and make me blush or whatever for me to feel special to him.,so that he could do favors from me. and of course,.myself,. being STUPID,,did also the favors he asked...but i really don't get it.,,i knew that he was taking advantage on me,..but i still did everything for him...was it because .,it would made me happy?,...maybe yes...Now, i think, my crush already had an idea that i'm starting to avoid him. YES. I'm acting like a normal classmate. Every time he ask some favor, i always say that,..i'm busy...and now he's courting another girl.,.and i'm so so sad about it. . .i'm always thinking, there would be any chances that him and i would be in a relationship?,a lovers.?,.who could tell...all i can do for now is focus on other things,.and start to forget my feelings for him,for i know that there would be no chance.... :(((


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