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The class clown and the hottie

This story begins with a friendship. The boy who was ALWAYS the class clown and ALWAYS the hottie. I've always liked him but i didn't realize it. My parents decided to transfer me and my older brother to his school. We didn't really talk to each other until my best friend decided to walk home with him since they live so close. I walked with her and him sometimes (although it was longer). He was always the one who could make me laugh. Then i started a journal so i could tell someone about how badly i was crushing on him. But then the journal was stolen by my devilish siblings. The word got out to everyone but him and his friends. Until i started to become best friends with his best friend. We hung out every tuesday night while our older brothers basketball games went on. I told him everything. I told him about Ethon. Me and Ethon became better friends and all of the girls in class got more and more jealous.One day during summer break he started comming to my house more. One day when no one was around he told me that there were rumors going around that i liked him. I was furious. This means that my best friend that happens to be his best friend told him. I was so furious that i couldn't think or even look at the way he was looking at me. I lost it and said "HE NEVER SHOULD HAVE TOLD ANYONE!!!!" He responded softly, "He only told me because i begged to know and i was shocked to hear the results of it because......." He took a long pause. "Well... Because...... The truth is I like you back... I've liked you for a while....And when I heard you liked me back it made me feel.....I had to tell you I like you back.."

We are no currently in a relationship and June 15th is our anniversary because it is the day that he confessed and we both realized we were in love with each other.


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