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Trust your boyfriend

when i was 12 or 13 i have a crush. i keep seeing him in Gandhi (wich in our school, it's a program for foreigners like me and my crush cause we now live in italy.) in the hall way, for example like recess and etc. while he's walking through the corridors we accidentally saw each other, then he looked so strange, like he's kinda smiling and i think wanted to say hi. from then, when we have recess, he keeps on walking through my room, and when we talked he's kinda shy. and i asked him why is he acting so weird. he told me that he has a crush on me, then i told him in a shy mood that i like him to, then he asked me if i wanna go out with him. then i told him "yes." then we went to the restaurant(I don't know what to do i'm only 13!!) Then we ate. after we ate he gave me a gift and he told me to open it. i saw there's a card says: "will you be my girlfriend?" i smilled and without me saying a word he kissed me. and seriuosly, i felt like i'm in heaven and i did felt the spark between us. then we've been together for 2 years. then i had some relationship but no one made me felt like the way i felt for my first love. then after 6 months we've been back together, and now we're 5 years. so my advice for you girls, trust your boyfrien. :)


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