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Our last kiss

I think/I think I am haunted by that night/that night/just like a lock and key/felt so right/fit perfectly/your arms wrapped tightly around me/our bodies fit perfectly/your lips/your lips/kissed my neck/i loved you so/They say/They say/Time will heal all wounds/They said/They said/You have to move on, he was a walkaway joe/My heart/My heart/refuses to believe/I know/I know/I am haunted by that night/your hands, my hands/fit perfectly/I counted each heartbeat/my head on your chest/your breathing soft and slow/I lied awake/willing two am not to come/just one more hour in your arms/that memory/burned into my mind/tattooed on my heart forever/your last kiss/your goodbye/I know/I know I am haunted by that night/that night/I will never get over/how easily you walked away from me/months later/1:59 the alarm pierced the silence/you had to leave/two kisses goodbye/When I said I would love you forever/I never knew how true those words would prove to be/but every dream/every dream/of you and me/thats just what they will always be/dreams/I know/I know/I am haunted by that night/that night/I gave you my heart/You gave me empty promises/I just wanted/wanted/a future with you/but you had to throw it all away/away/2:00 am the alarm pierces the silence/I think/I think/I am haunted by that night/by our last kiss/our last kiss


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