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i began to like him

Well, let's see. There was this boy in my school, 2 years above me and all my friends thought he was fit, but i didn't. I ended up liking his brother a little bit and then the boy started going out with one of my bestfriends. They only lasted 4 days, and then for some strange reason.. i began to like him! I don't know where it all had came from.. i told my bestfriend, the one he went out with, just to find out they were going back out! I felt soo bad! After they had broke up again, they wanted nothing more to do with eachother. In school i had read my horoscope which had told me 'Honesty is the way foward with boys today' i was soo suprised! When i got home i was talking to the boy and i told him i liked him, he said he liked me to! I was soo happy, i was over the moon! We had been going out for 6 days, then, he ended it because he liked my bestfriend. I couldn't stop crying, i got sent out of lessons in school the next day because i had broke down in tears just thinking about him. I'd see him around the corridoor and start crying. I couldn't believe it, i'd never been this upset about a break up before. The day after he broke up with me, he rang me and asked me for another chance, i made the wrong decision and said yes. Although i was very happy to be back with him. He ended it again the next day. I was devastated. That weekend i lay on the sofa watching tele because i felt so ill from all the crying. Three weeks after, he asked me for another chance, and ended it again the next day. I wasn't so upset the third time because i suppose i got used to it, we stayed as friends and that was that. But he had told one of his mates something, and because his mate liked me and didn't want me to find out any other way, he told me. He had been lying throughout our whole relationship, lyed about loving me, he told his mate he was bored of me and used me. It was very late at night and i had gone down my bestfriends, we had gone into hers and i was on her bed in tears for about an hour and a half. She had been cheering me up mind.


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