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She warmed me up and we putted around

I was at a after bar party and thinking about going home. I decided to find the bathroom and I had to excuss myself past a couple of gals in a doorway. When I did, one of the gals said "Hi Steve". I looked up into the most beautiful brown eyes I ever saw. I could only stare at her until they both started giggling. I composed myself and asked her where she knew me from, because I surely would have recognized her if I had looked into those eyes before. She said that she had seen me around. I excused myself to finish my trip to the bathroom and told her I would be right back. WHen I was done, they were gone.

I searched the party and my heart dropped when I could not find her again.

I went outside to my Harley and fired it up. Just as I was about to leave, I saw her running towards me and my bike. She asked if I would take her for a ride and I said "you bet! Get your jacket." She said she didn't have a jacket and I knew she was going to freeze without one. I told her that I would give her a short ride to her home, and let her wear my leather jacket but, she would have to warm me up when I got her home. She agreed and when I got to her house, she handed my jacket back and gave me such a sexy kiss, I darn near tipped my bike over. Well, I tell you she warmed me up all right.

I went home with the biggest grin on my face, I didn't even notice how cold I was until I got home under the sheets. Needless to say, I spent the rest of the season puttin' with her and I have never felt warmer.

Having her arms around me while puttin' through the Black Hills last fall was the best vacation of my life.


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