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beginning not ending a love story

I love a girl in my class.She is very pretty,her voice ,face,attitude,intelligence every single thing attracts me to her. I checked out her facebook profile likes of her are also similar to mine.Well this started in this year 2010 when i entered in the engg. college. I am bit reserve that is what creating problem in my love life.My first day in college.. i am sitting in the class, i laughed on the teachers joke in the class and caught the eye of a girl sitting on the 1st column of the classroom.she was pretty had a dimple on her right cheek,she continued to simile to me but lowered her eyes as of shyness.Then the next day she was chatting with her friends right outside the class about something, they all glanced me for a moment and i noticed them while sitting in the of the friends of this dimple girl was the kind of girl, i was looking for ,fair long hairs tied with ribbon,her slim jeans and red top dressed as if a model is dressed by a fashion designer. This glancing continued for some days ..i grew up more impatient day to day. i used to dream about her. i had very strong emotions for her, i wanted her badly, i waited for her outside to talk but when she used to come out of class. i couldn't get enough courage to talk to her. This love story i thing spread like a epidemic in the girls hostel. Most probably they checked my facebook profile and snaps what happened after some days that girls used to point me .they gave open smiles to me most of her friends were kind a liked me as i haven't told you that i am very fair and handsome as girls in the past have commented on my profile or directly to me. but the main problem is that i am not able to break the ice between us from 1 semester. what my profile has done i couldn't have done in the whole year. i feel very sad and stressed.I have a very strong affection for her,but after so much of glancing.It is getting very tough for me day by day to talk to her. My greatest fear of refusal is not letting me to talk to her but irony is that her all friends likes me smile to me and sometimes push her to talk me. i will write more as i am going to talk to her this semester. beginning not ending a love story.


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