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There was this guy who sat next to me in my English class

There was this guy who sat next to me in my English class. He and I would always talk, and we turned into good friends. Soon enough, I was falling for him and vice versa. He asked me out a month later. I was so happy. For a couple of months, we were the 'it' couple.

But then, a new girl came to our class and we moved seats for the second time. She ended up sitting next to the him. I was all the way in the back, I could see them up 2 rows. Then my boyfriend started talking a lot to her. She was so fake and exaggerated everything. A lot of people didn't like her, but she was pretty. Prettier than me.

On a field trip, she and him were in the same group. I didn't mind, I trusted my boyfriend. Turns out they got together while he was still dating me! I found out about it when I caught them kissing on the bus. It hurts so much. I broke up with him.

He was an idiot. He tried getting me back with jealousy, he dumped her and started flirting a lot more with lots of other girls at the same time. Playing Spin the Bottle, Truth or Dare, and hugging them, maybe kissing their cheeks. I hated him. He would always look over his shoulder to look at me and see if I was getting jealous.

I wasn't, all I wanted to do was revenge. And I got it.

Another new student came to our class. He was really funny but sensitive unlike my ex-boyfriend. I was to escort him around the school and such. It turns out that he and I had a lot in commom. It took a while (3 months), but he finally got around to it and asked me out.

My ex's face was he found out was priceless. He got what he deserved. A year later, and we're still going strong! We're in love with each other.


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