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Prince and I are very young

To start out, Prince is his nickname. Prince and I are very young. A few months ago, he received a text from an unknown number saying, "Hide your girlfriend safe". So, to keep me safe he got my dad and his dad to agree to let me stay at his house for a few nights. The night was very energizing and fiery. After we ate dinner and took our showers, Prince and i started kissing in his bed very intensely. We had had a conversation about m***** love. And instead of coming right out and saying, lets do it, i put on a two piece lingerie set,perfume, and the kissing. Since i am really tiny, i can basically sit on him anyway and he can barely feel me. I have to remind him sometimes to be gentle. Lol. Prince is always being the gentlemen and not doing anything I don't want to do. But, this time i want to make l***. After about 5 or 10 minutes of kissing, he asked me, "Are you really ready to do this?". Of course, I sad yes, because i just love him so much and i want to experience true feelings and emotions that you can't get from simply kissing someone. It was painful and great. He was really slow with me. Very gentle. After about an hour and a half, we both fell asleep. Prince's dad came in at like 4 a.m. to check on us. The image he saw was beautiful. His son firmly holding the one he loved. Somehow he knew what we did, but he was actually happy for us. He knew Prince and I really did love each other and so making love was a great thing for us. That's my story of my first time with the greatest boyfriend ever.


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