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the start of the new year can be a little lonely

the start of the new year can be a little lonely,especially when you havent been to vollege for three months. It was my first day back, a tuesday, and i was anticipating a normal,lackluster year. unfortunately i didnt anticipate i would meet the woman of my dreams. On the first day ofmy dance lass i saw her, she was beautiful. her wavy brown hair contrasting with her flawless alabaster skin made my jaw drop. you couldnt imagine the level of interest i felt towards her, she was flawless.

I kept my eye on her all through the week,seeking ways of talking to her when she was alnoe. this proved difficult,she was a popular girl,and gathered the interst of smarter, stronger and more handsome boys.

on the second week, we were going on an outing with our teachers to see a play. we travelled on the train, speaking to her friends, and oblivious to my deep feelings towards her. We eventually arrived at the theater, and that's when she came in to my life.

out teacher was handing out tickets for the show, each all having seat numbers. gher friends were sitting far away from her, and as she took her ticket, i grabbed the next ticket instantly from her hands, eager to seize the chance of being in her company, I was thrilled.

We sat together. she moaned, she talked, she filted,she explained, and she showed me part of herself. she could have told me she was a murderer and i would'nt have cared. I was in love with her, and wanted a way to find the courage to declare my love for her.

she leaned her head against my shoulder, and a nercouschill crept up my spine. 'she likes me!' i screamed from the confined of my mind, asi relaxed and watched the play unfold.

when it finished she rejoined her friends and quickly made her way home, leaving no room forgoodbye, i didnt know what to say, i was shocked, but i was also in awe that i had been in her prescence.

the next few weeks went slow. she liked another guy in our class, and seemd to despise me, where anything isaid was wrong, and i thought she hated me, it broke my heart.

after a few weeks of not being in contact of her due to staying home,i realised i could not stay away from school any longer. i didnt want to effect my grades, and came in rgularly from there on it.i couldnt be with her, but at least i got to see her regularly.

the apple of her eye stopped attending classes, and he was never seen again. where was he? oh well, it didnt make any difference, she never noticed me.

her two best friends in college go away on a working experience project,leaving her on her own. after class finishes, i overcome my inhibitions and go and talk to her. we hung out in the library for what felt lkike 10 minutes (i was more like 2 hours)talking and getting to know her. she was more lovely than i imagined.

next week,she asked me if i wanted to hang out with her. i said yes. we went to eat at a place near our college, and she relly opened up to me. i told her about an awkkward situation with my best friend, and she tells me of her unstable family life. this girls personality is even better than her perfect looks.

she texs me same nightl givong me advice, but i miss her tecxt, semdomg out a reply at midnight, to know reply. i guess a beatiful girlneeds her beauty sleep.

i have drama rehearsal with her next week, and i want to tell her abput my feelings. she is too amazing tolet go. but i think i will dowhats right, and what feels natural. i cant afford to screw this up.


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