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Don't take friendships for granted

What happened to me was an experience i will never forget. It was between me and my best friend (who i secretly was in love with). His name was r*. ?Now r* and i had this relationship like no other. We were inseprable. After we would chill, we go home adn talk on the fone all night long. I knew i was safe with him and that he loved me, so i made the first move. We started dating for a while and he ended up cheating on me. It was a depressing time. It broke my heart. but that realationship did not last. Then we consisted on going back out. We went out for a while (mostly of and on) but in my eyes we were the perfect match. Everyone thought we were the cutest couple. Then he met b* (who is the biggest bitch i have ever met!) and thats when it changed.

B* and i were friends but not as close as me and r*. R* and i grew farther and farther apart. he started telling her things that he said that he could only trust with me. I gess that was a lie.

W started talking again adn sure enough dating off and on. WE have a few tragic breakups. WE talked abotu gettin married a lot. We were perfect. Then we split. He needed some time away. We havnt gone back out, sadly.But i know deep down inside he still loves me and i definitly do love him.

SO dont take friendships for granted because someday you two might be together.


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