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A boy named sam

Once there was a girl named Kendra and a boy named Sam. They were taking a class together and became friends. Within 2 weeks, Kendra developed a huge crush on Sam. She liked him because he was very honest and fun to be with and just a great person. He was also extremely cute, and when he smiled she could barely breathe. She couldn't stop thinking about him and her face would hurt from smiling so much thinking about him. At a Halloween party one night they went in a tree house and Kendra told Sam she liked him. He smiled but didn't say anything. A week later Kendra got up the courage to ask him if he liked her too. He all but said he did. They flirted all the time and when the class they took together ended, they would talk on the phone. They said sweet things to each other and stuff. Their parents did not approve so they have to keep their relationship a secret. Kendra decided she loved Sam. She still hasn't told him yet.


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