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A powerful bond

I am 16 years old, not a veary good writer tho, nor a good speller. Ever since I way born i grew up right beside my grandmas (in a duplex). My uncle is two years older that me and i always went there to watch movies and stuff. My grandma had a friend who had two sons Cory and Nick, Cory was two years older than me and he was always there. Ever since I was younger I always liked him. As time went on we became good friends. One night everyody went to sleep and it was just us two awake. He had told me that he had always loved me :) And from then on we would always try to see eachother at my grandmas. Everyone got weirded out that we were so close together that they decided that we wern't aloud to see eachother at my grandmas anymore. After all of that he started calling me and we started hanging out. Now we have been dating for 1 year and 5 mounths. We never fight it is like a dream. I never new i could be so close to someone. After dating for five mounths he got my name tattooed on his chest, about the size of a lighter.. but a tiny bit bigger. I was looking for love in all the wrong places then realized it was always right in front of me. Me and him have a powerfull bond and the love we share together is amazing. My name is Tegan, and I am a bad speller.


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