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You walked away from me leaving me nothing but sweet memories

YOU KEEP HURTING ME AND I KEEP TAKING U BACK......but i cant do this anymore,when i first met u i wasnt in the least bit interested,infact i kept trying to hide from u but somehow u managed to change all of that.
i didnt want to get involved with u purely for the fact that u were living in the seychelles but worked as a pilot so i'd be seeing u only when u get trips to london which was 6 times a year..
we were always on the phone to each other,u made me feel special,like i was one of a kind,all those compliments were making me feeli like i was on top of the world.
it wasnt until 2months of knowing u that u decided to tell me u had a son,7yrs old and that him and his mother lived only 5mins away from you.
i dont really know what was going through my head when u told me,was i shocked,upset?mad?i dont know but i told u that i couldnt get involved in a situation like this,u begged me to stay,u cryed and told me u loved me,i didnt want to hear any of it,that was the first time i forgave u and took u back.
i began to see u more as u requested london flights as much as u could to see me,we had so much fun together,dining and dancing not forgetting the first time u made love to me,it was the best ever..i was loving u more and more each time.
6months down the line i opened my msn e-mail to read a mail from u tellig me that ur sorry but u are going to try and patch things up with ur sons mother as its the best thing for ur son.u even ended the mail in "i love u more than her"!tears were falling from my eyes,i was so down,i wouldnt talk to anybody for 2weeks,i even went sick of work because i couldnt face talking to anybody...
1month later u ring me,i told u to leave me alone and that u had caused enough damage but u were crying and told me that u couldnt be apart from me,why did u do this?
i tried to be strong but when u started telling me that im all u ever think about and that u couldnt love her like u love me i accepted and gave u yet another chance.
we carried on as normal until one day sitting in a restaurant u turned to me and told me that u had to go,i was confused, i thought maybe u were tired and needed some rest but i was wrong,u told me u had to go to those that needed u more,i knew instantly u ment her,i told u that u were wrong and that it was me u needed,i tried everything for u to stay with me but u'd made up ur mind and that was that.
u walked away from me leaving me with nothing but sweet memorys of the times we shared.
ive moved on now,im due to getting married,i hope if ur reading this that u remember just one thing,that is that u have taught me a great lesson in life,which is to never allow to have my heart broken again.....


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