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I have known Sage since I was 12

I have known Sage since I was 12 and seven years later I am so glad that I am in love with my best friend! I hope you enjoy our story… and I apologize if it is so long! But to really understand how lucky I am I must first start at the beginning…

I was 12 when a mutual friend of ours had introduced me to Sage on MSN and we both thought that we should be friends based on the fact that we had really cool names (my name is Trinity by the way). At the beginning we just had basic conversations because of course, we didn’t know each other really well back then….

A year later Sage and I had become really close. We knew everything that was needed to know about each other and we would talk almost every day after school. But a year after that, at the age of 14, Sage and I never really saw each other. We lived in different areas so it would’ve taken forever to see him, we went to different schools and we had different things to do on weekends so I suggested to Sage (as a joke) that he should come to my school so I could see him more often. Funnily enough, a few weeks had passed and there he was.. at my school.. in half of my classes.. all because I had asked him! It was really annoying though because ALLL the girls were in love with him and EVERYONE wanted to be his friend… so I barely saw him… and yes.. I was getting JEALOUS. But every day, after school, Sage would wait for me, carry my bags and walk me to the bus stop. It never occurred to me at the time though, that I had feelings for him.

Unfortunately after two months, Sages parents had decided that he had to go back to his old school because my school didn’t really focus that much on sport so once again Sage and I never really saw each other because we lived so far away from each other.

Time kept passing, and I still rarely saw him but it was coming up to his 16th birthday and I had decided that I was going to make the effort to see him. When I did he gave me a really big hug and I didn’t want him to let me go because I felt so safe and warm being in his arms .. I think it was at that moment that I had realized that I actually liked him! I didn’t want to say anything to him though, because I remember asking him a long time before then, if he thought we would ever be together and he said he didn’t know because we were such good friends..

About a month after that, my mum was taking my little sister to the zoo and I asked Sage to come along (because my mum really liked him.. in fact he was the only boy that was allowed to stay over at our house). When we were at the zoo Sage and I were really REALLY close.. We decided to go and do our own thing at the zoo and meet back up with my mum… So while we were looking at the animals.. all of a sudden we were holding hands.. and we were cuddling.. we were basically acting as if we were already going out.. That night we were laying and cuddling in the lounge room and it was really silent… and then out of nowhere Sage just said “Trinity… I love you” ..

3 years later after that moment, we have been together and we just KNOW that we were meant to be together. We know everything about one another, we have been through a lot of things together and we have so much fun together! He seriously completes me and he is literally my best friend.


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