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i have to get meaner

my ex broke up with me a couple of nights ago for saying i dont have a backbone and im to nice i have to get meaner..... even tho she said she doesnt like her when i tease her and it hurts her feelings... and every one that i ever knew knows i have a bckbone i mean i do ems and im going to be a firefighter. idk if that has anything to do with it but those jobs are tough. but then the next day she texted me saying she messed up and she wants me to be her boyfreind agian. now my family says dont do it if she was that much of a bxxxx to you she doesnt deserve you. and i told them i was over her....but im not i still love her very much and i saw the single status on facebook and it killed me. i want to stay tough and say no but at the same time i want her back.... what should i do?


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