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I hated him then

We met at our first year im middle school.
i hate him soo much then.
then our second year of middle school,we had all the same classes again..
i remember it exactly when we start talking/flirting at the very first..
it was the vey first time i went to school with anew hair look...he always came and sat next to me in the back of the classroom talking to me and making me laugh.
then one day,one unexpected day in our library..he came in and saw me and came to me and he asked fo my number,i took his phone he took mine and we got each others number.
that night i called him,and we talked.
the next night we talked again and he asked me out..i said no :)and he not going to stop until u say yes!
2 days later he still kept asking..i told him your never going to give up are u? he said never. i finally said yes to him the next day on Thursday May 14,2009 at 8,03pm =)
we've been through alot ,ups and downs.
but we are still together working through and passed everyone and everything that gets in our way.
i am on lockdown with my family becuase they judge me pon what they see teens doing on T.V. and the truth is...i am completly opposite of them. they dont trust me or anything..and he is the only one who stayed me with me forever&alwaiz(which is our saying to each other).
it is now been 1year 5months 15days since we've been by each other. hes changed and ive long as we change together and always have one & another.
i dont believe that whole crap about ''too young for love''
because my brother had loved this girl since he was 13 years of age,and they never stopped. she was his girlfriend until shes his wife for 8 years.
so i am all about love.i love love. i believe in Soulmates to a 100% maximum.and i believe that there is a soulmate walking on the face of this earth right o for every single person on this planet.some may not find theirs,some may find theirs and hate them,some might have died and never found,or found and either one died,no matter what,there is one.


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