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He would talk to me and I would hear Mozart in my head

My Nerd Saga

When I first went to middle school, I could see all the different cliques: jocks, skateboard punks, popular girls, and of course, the nerds. Now I was an honor student, and a nerd, but i wasn't as nerdy as some of the other kids. I wasn't ashamed of my title, but I always resented talking to the others. Then I met J****
He was in two of my classes, and was the smartest person in the school. He either knew about what we were learning, or learned it too quickly for the rest of the class to catch up. And he was the nicest and shyest guy I've ever met... I was obsessed.
Through a mutual friend I tried to get to know him. We became friends, but I always wanted something more. He would talk to me, and I would hear Mozart in my head, playing in time with the swaying of his cute blonde hair. He also had the nicest smile that I loved to stare at.
I had a feeling he liked me. He would ask people to stop when they made fun of me, and I would make him laugh, even when my jokes weren't that funny. But I never told him about how I felt out of fear of rejection.
A few months after, I had to move. We hugged, but still I didn't tell him. I cried all the way to our new house. I cried for a week. I sent him emails daily and he replied, but over time, the emails got less frequent and I eventually forgot about him.
I went thru high school as a nerd, and got into MIT. Little did I know, he was accepted there also. Now we're going out, and yes, ladies and gentlemen, this story has a happy ending. We are getting married in August.


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