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I really do love him

It all started out as an accident on my class scheduel.I got academic literacy even though im excellent in reading and english.I walked into the class and looked around.i knew nobody there really.the teacher signalled me to an empty seat in the back of the class.i did my work,ignored the students who were playing around,talked to my friends that appearantly also got the wrong class,read out loud since even though the teacher and i knew i didnt need the class,etc.etc. i only really noticed him once.Him and his friends were laughing really loud so i just looked over to see what they were doing.that was the only time i really looked at him during class.Towards the end of the semester i got a friend request on myspace from him.we started talking and eventually txting.never really takling in real life though.We started actually talking when he asked if i wanted one of his beenies.i said sure and the next morning i was waiting for my friends to come to school(my mother dropped me off so i didnt go on the bus like everyone else) and he came up to me and gave me the beenie.we just started talking almost every morning after friends always said we would make a cute couple.i would never tell them i liked him though.i wanted to know if he liked me too.
we never really hung out at school.but we always txted eachother.i made him a bracelet saying cheese puffs(he said he didnt know what he wanted me to put on it and i said if he didnt decide i was gonna put cheese puffs.and i did.he seemed to like it).a group of friends invited me to the movies and it just so happened he went too. but we still didnt hang out much at school.another semester happened.still nothing between us.
May 30,2010 1:25 am
him and i were texting.when he told me he wanted to ask a girl out but he didnt know if she would say yes.he asked what would i say if i was that girl.i told him i would say yes because hes amazing and the sweetest person anyone could meet.he has a heart of gold.and anyone would be lucky to have him.he then asked me out.i was so happy! but an online friend of mine also liked me.and i dont have the heart to hurt anyone so he asked me if i could have no boyfriends till him and i met.i wasnt sure if him and i would meet.but i didnt wanna hurt him so i said i wouldnt.i told him(the guy i liked) about the online friend.he said he would wait for me.
exactly one minute later my best friend and i were talking on the phone.when he asked me out too! gosh.him and i have already tried going out twice and it never works out.i just end up getting i didnt think it would work out a 3rd time.i told him about my online friend.he started crying and hung up.i felt horrible and started getting sad too for hurting crush told me that i cant make absolutely everyone happy.and cheered me up after a while.
Next morning another friend of mine told me she liked me.but she didnt ask me out.just told me she liked me.i told her about my best friend and my crush.but simply telling her the 'dish' like in the movies where the girls talk about everything. she said that was so cute but she knew about my online friend and asked me what i was gonna do.i told her i really waned to go out with my crush but i didnt know what to do

a week passed by and everyday i liked him more.untill i couldnt take not going out with heart needed him.i went on myspace and my friend was online.i had to tell him i just couldnt keep our promise.and that i was deeply sorry.but i just couldnt.he got mad.told me to never talk to him
him and i never did talk
i still have him as a friend on myspace
but we havnt spoken a word since
i suppose its for the best.
that same day i told my crush i toldmy online friend i couldnt keep the promise
June 5th,2010 2:36 pm
My crush asked me out,and i said yes!! oh i was so happy.the beginning of everything

we shared our first kiss at school surprizingly.the bell rang for class to start and as we were walking to the hallway he kissed friend didntknow we were going out nd she was so shocked her face was priceless.i was giggling and blushing and looking at the floor.he said i looked so adorable.and i was so week in the knees when i hugged him i almost fell and he had to keep me standing a little.hehe.

weeks passed by. we were texting one night and he told me he loved me! yes most ppl would say thats too early.but i loved him too.he said he loved me ever since he saw me walk in the class room.that i was so beautiful everyone else was a blur when i was around.he told me the sweetest story of how it was love at first sight for him.i was as happy as i could more school and summer started.but we were spending summer togther.

hes so sweet.and his family is too.i met his mom and his little brother when we went on our first date.we went to the movies to watch grown ups.Santa Monica is so romantic at night hehe.
our second date:he took me to disneyland california adventures and his uncle,aunt,mom,and cousins went to regular disneyland.his family is so funny and nice.and disneyland was extremely fun.even just sitting on a bench with him i was having the greatest time.he bought me a light up rose from one of the stands and the man said we had a 'moment' i was both blushing and giggling.we went on the toy story ride and he had more accuracy hitting targets but i beat him by the thousands and we were just laughing.on the rapids i was rying not to get wet but we both did and were did it get so cold suddenly hehe.but we were cuddling so i was fine with the end of the day we were supposed to watch disneys world of colors but we had to was ok though.i had a great time anyways.
not exactly a date but still fun:
we went to a very small movie theater(to watch the other guys but i fell asleep on his shoulder hehe_with only three movies and walked around and went to the stores.a friend of ours went too.
3rd date:
he took me to one of my favorite malls and we watched another movie and walked around the mall then for an hour or two we just sat on a bench and talked and cuddled.amazing how i can go anywhere with him and have the time of my life<3(:
4th date:
he took me on my first visit to universal studios and we had an amazing time too.we went on all the rides and shows.and he took me to city walk and we had lunch at johny rockets and he bought be candy at just sugar.we walked around the stores holding hands like a lot of other couples.but i knew for a fact what he and i had was love
5th date:
he took me on another first visit.he took me to a place called the grove.his mom,and two brothers also went with us.although his middle brother got lost for some time.we found him again and everything was back to fun.we saw yet another movie and walked aorund the farmers market.ate johnny rockets(hmm its my favorite restaurant) with his mom an little brother and had funny conversation. after the movie he took me into the three story(i beieve) barnes and nobles and bought a 3d rose puzzle.i still havnt figured out how to solve it since its pretty hard

schools already started and we have 1 class together.p.e which is fine with me.since at p.e we can just be together and not do classwork.when we have to go in the gym for rainy days i tend to tickle him a lot and its cute to see him blush

more drama now best friend(my old one is more of a brother than a best friend to me now) said he was in love with me.but he has a gf.he said i made him feel important and was always there for him unlike his gf.and i told him i loved him too.but not more than a best friend.
a week passed by of not talking to eachother and him and his gf broke up.she didnt love him but loved someone else
he was crushed
but atleast now hes over it
and we're talking again
still best friends

i love my boyfriend with all my heart.he has my heart and has all my love.its only been 4 months(almost five!!!) since we've gone out.but i really do love him.and he loves me.we both have for a year but just didnt go out till now.but we will love eachother and nothing will tear us apart.
06/05/10 M+J
always and forever<3


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