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It's been over a year

It was so good to finally see you yesterday. It's been over a year. And our eyes just met across the room, you smiled and walked over to me. We made small talk. You've been doing good. A married man now. You just laughed when I said congrats, because you knew I didn't mean it. I could never lie to you. I asked about your mom, haven't seen her in awhile. Felt my heart ache as i tell you that no...Im not seeing anyone. I'm trying not to let it show, but all i want to do is hold you in my arms. But i know you've moved on now. You stopped loving some time ago. Someday i'll move on just like you. Someday. Then we say our goodbyes...and as you take me in your arms, i breathe it all in. Watching you walk away, I feel the tears start to fall..knowing that I've loved you since i was 16 and I always will.


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