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I used to take the public bus to school

So, when i was a freshman in high school, i used to take the public bus to & from school. it was no big deal. i did it since 7th grade. i met some people on there, all guys. they were weird & i dated one too. he was obsessed, & was abusive. i broke up with him through a text, but since he knew what bus stop i got on at, he would come & say the meanest things to me, and embarrass me so much. he finally stopped & apoligized, but i don't except apoligies. so, i met this other guy, & i have to admit, on that day i looked really pretty. my eyes were super blue, and my hair was almost perfect. i was talking to him, & he looked like he was about 17. no big deal. i was 14. he asked how old i was, i told him, & he said "damn girl, you need to grow. im 20." i thought, oh wow. i shouldnt be talking to him, but whatever. i didnt care. so i hung out with him the next monday, a day from when we met, and we did some stuff... I went home high that day, & i felt amazing. i was texting him, & he said that i should come over. so i thought, why not? i went over, without telling my parents where i was. so they called me about 50 times. no lie. but i was so high, i didn't realize. i was also too busy with him. the next day, i texted my twin brother, saying i was fine. i smoked some more weed, and was on my way home. when i got there, my parents said they tracked me. they heard that i was deep down in the city, which i dont know anyone who lives there. so they were like wtf? they wanted to know what happened. they then said they called the police at midnight & reported me missing. they told me that, and i told them to call & say i was home safe. they did that, & some bitch on the other line was asking me questions that i didnt want to here, or answer. after i hung up, my parents were waiting for answers. i told them EVERYTHING that happened. but before i told them his age, i had them promise me they wouldn't call the police. they promised me. so i told him. later, i was taking a nap, & they said the police are here to talk to you. about the guy. i didnt know what to say. they made me show them his house, & i knew they were gonna put him in jail. the thing that made me so sad, was that he even asked if we should be hanging out, and i said yeah, sure. no one will find out. but it ends up a lottt of people know :/ hes now in jail for a year. the thing that hurts me the most, is that my parents told the police, after promising me they wouldnt. that upset so much. i wasn't in love with the guy, but i really liked him. thats my story.


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