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Drawn to him

From the first time I saw him, I knew their were something that would keep me drawn to him. I was in a relationship at the time and he was also in a relationship. He ask for my number and i gave it to him. About a couple days later I got a text from him asking whats up, my hands tremble which was weird. Him and I was texting and his phone was giving trouble and the texting stop. About 10 in the nite a called came and it was him, I was so happy, I gave him the direction to my house, my sis was willing to stay up with me and wait. The conversation was very amazing as his eyes were on me the entire time. He walked around me and my eyes followed. We spend alot of time together, he used to take me on walks and always texting me. I felt special, he made me feel special. I had a bf, but he didn't knew and my parents didn't really trust him. After a while he disappear out of my life,i was heartbroken, I looked for him at his work and they told me that he had stop, so I gave up. One day my cuz told me that she knew him very well, and that he lived with his baby mom, i wasn't mad, because I taught that I had move on and fell in love with my bf. After five months I went into his work and there he was, when he saw me he was shock and a bit nervous, I could hail him, I just watch him. I went back two wks after with my bf and he was mad. he asked back for my number and I gave him, he told me that he is living with his baby mom, i was cool with that. We hang out, but i could not give him what he wanted, he wanted me entirely for himself, i was in a relationship and even though I loved him more I wouldn't leave my relationship. We went on and off while both of us were together,at one point we didn't care if our partners found out. He finally ended his relationship and i couldn't end mines so we broke up. We keep coming back to each other and I would always find time to be with him, no matter what, I loved this guy. he and his baby mom was on and off also.There came a point when both of us were single and we were finally in a real relationship, we move in together and we were happy, things change and people grow apart, I cried the night he moved out i will never forget. After that he was with his baby mom again and we barely spoke, until he came back again. We broke up because he has turned into someone I don't recognized again. We used to have long talks, walks and play alot. the thing that I loved most about him, was that he didn't want sex until after a year and was always asking to married me. I will always love him, but we need to be apart for a while or maybe even forever, I have a strong feeling that we will find our way back to each other.


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