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He was new to my school

So When I was in the 7th grade, on my first day of junior high.. I saw this boy, he was new to my school. When I first saw him i thought he was SO cute. and i knew it was.. love at first site. (: well actually it was "crush" at first sight. Anyways, so i just kinda had a crush on him.. and i only had ONE class with him because he was a year older than me. So, then, we got to know each other a little bit. we had SO much in common! then his birthday was the next month.. and i got him a present.. and when i gave it to him at school, he said thanks.. he walked away but then turned back to smile at me.. and at that very moment.. my heart sank.. and i knew he was the one i wanted to spend my life with. but then one day.. he found out that i like him. And apparently, i wasnt his type. i wasnt skinny enough, or pretty enough.. so months went by.. and he didn't talk to me. Then the summer before 8th grade, he talked to me again, as if nothing happened. So we became friends, and one day a new girl came to school, he told me he liked her.. and asked if i could get her email for him. and i did. i dont know why, but i did. i just wanted him to be happy. so him and that girl went out. but then broke up. and in grade 9.. i tried to pick my classes so i had at least ONE class with him.. and i did.. Math (: so then.. We talked a liittle bit and he would always ask me for help. and i'd always help him. Then that summer, before 10th grade, i decided to change.. for me, for him. it was my own choice.. so i lost the extra weight off me, i changed my hair, and changed my clothes and smiled more. after that, i felt better .. i was more confident. So then, during that summer, he got sick and had to stay in the hospital. I texted him asking if i could visit. so i went that afternoon and brought him chocolates and lent him my Gameboy SP with my Pokemon cartridge in it. Because him and i both used to play pokemon when we were younger (: so he played it and named one of my Pokemon, Aaron. (which was his name.) so .. after he got out of the hospital, he came to my house to give me back my gameboy. He noticed i had a tire swing. he said taht he'd ALWAYS wanted one since he was a kid and finally got one, but then it broke, and he used to sit on his tire swing and think all day. so i let him into my backyard to sit on it. we talked alot and we talked about random things and lakes came up so then he offered to take me to a lake on his motorbike, my dad would never approve, but he wasn't home, so i said yes. he drove us to the lake, and when my put my arms around his waist.. my heart beated SO fast... so then.. we got to the lake and after a while of talking .. he suddenly asked me.. "Why did you change?" and i said that i wanted to be more comfortable in my own skin. and then he just sort of stared off into the distance then said. "i'm sorry i ignored you a few years back. i was just a scared kid. i ddint know what to do." i asked him about what i had heard about him rejecting me because of how i looked. he said "what? no. the truth is.. you're beautiful" at that very moment, i dont know what came over me.. i kissed him. he didnt push away, he put his hand on my chin and kissed me back. then we held hands and watched the sunset, then when it was dark, the first star came up, and i told him since it's the first star, you can make a wish.. he said.. "i already got my wish" we gazed at the stars together and he pointed out all the constellations. then i realized it was getting late, and he drove me home. That night, on Facebook, I got a relationship request from him. i clicked "accept" and smiled (: When school was back in, everyone said we were the most perfect couple.. he held my hand through the halls... on my 16th birthday, he took me to the lake, and asked me to marry him. he said, "Amy, i need you in my life. i know this sounds crazy, but .. true love makes you do crazy things sometimes. you dont have to say yes yet, i know it's too soon and we,re just kids.. but i want to spend the rest of my time left on Earth.. with you.. and only you." i wanted to cry of happiness.. I wore his ring that night, and went back to his house with him. I stayed with him that night, his arms wrapped around me, his heart beating fast against my arm.. The next morning.. We talked about the marriage thing.. i told him that my parents would NEVER approve. he said that i should keep the ring for the future.. that no matter WHAT happened.. he'd come back and marry me.. Now I'm 32, happily married to him, with 4 beautiful children. yes, we had ups and downs and fought at times.. but we'd kiss and make up and that only made us stonger.

Amy + Aaron Brooks = <3 (infinity.)


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