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i thought she was just another girl

We met when i came to her but i thought she was just another girl. a year after i was in her class and we sat next to eachother. i didnt talk to her much untill one of my family died and i was really sad so i came to skool n didnt fell like being an idiot like i used to be so i was really nice to her and she was nice to me so i reallised that i like liked her. about a month later i asked her out and she said yes and since than weve have been in the greatest love anyine could ever feel. until one night i was talkin to her on facebook and she got mad at me for saying somthin that i shouldnt off. she told me that she was crying and i said it was because of me n that im sorry but she said she was crying because she new what would happen next(she thought i would dump her) i told her that i would never do that and i luved her more than anyone could love someone


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