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Our Story
I was 16, and a sophomore in High school. I had to stay after school for my show choir practice, because it was snowing really hard outside. I figured hey i can just work on homework my practice wasn't until 5. So i sat in a chair and worked on my homework, and then fell asleep in my chair. When i woke i realized it was 6 o'clock i panicked and ran to where my group meets, but when I got there i saw a sign saying ALL SHOW CHOIRS CANCELLED DUE TO HEAVY SNOW. I was so scared it was late all the teachers were gone there was no phone to be seen (I didn't own a cell phone) That's when i saw "him" coming out from the orchestra room, and my heart leaped i was on fire i had never felt those kind of feelings before for another guy this was no ordinary crush. So after i was done gagaing over him. I went up to him, and said hi. I had already known his name, because his younger brother was in my class, and they look a little bit alike. And thatís exactly how I introduced myself. ďIím the girl in the same class as your brother so thatís how I know your nameĒ It was something around those lines. Then he asked me why I was staying after so late, and I told him about my little mistake. He then asked if I wanted to use his phone of course I jumped at the chance. After I called my mom he stayed after and waited with me until my mom came, and thatís when we shook hands, and I felt a spark (not the electric static). No the one comes from your heart. The next day I couldnít stop thinking about him, and I told my best friend about him, and thatís when she informed me he already had a girlfriend. I was so disappointed, but I let it go at least I thought I did. It wasnít until I saw him at a party that I had that connection again. I will never forget the day that he helped me get my mattress into my room on the second floor, because that was the first time he gave me a hug good bye, and ever sense then heís never forgotten to give me a hug or vice versa. That day I asked him if he was willing to tutor me in math, because I was very bad at it, He agreed to. We hung out with each other once a week and my attraction towards him kept getting stronger, until I couldnít take the tension anymore. On New Yearís Eve I told him that I liked him, and I ask him if he liked me. He admitted that he had an attraction for me, but because of our age difference (2 years) and religious differences it could never be. But we stayed friends, and for the longest time he didnít go out with another girl until he asked out my best friend. All I wanted was his happiness and if It wasnít with me I would have to deal with it, but for my friend to go out with him when she knew how strongly I felt for him letís just say I was secretly a green monster. I had never felt that way like a knife literally stabbing you in the gut. What scared me the most was we never went out or got physical yet I was devastated when he started dating her. I wanted their relationship to work out, but at the same time a little part of me hoped it would fail. We stopped hanging out that summer and I felt so lost and confused on why this was happening to me. We started to hang out again for my tutoring secessions that fall, but they were shorter, and a lot less of them, and every time we had one his gf would call everytime another reason they were shorter. Soon my school year was coming to an end. Stay in the city of the man I care about or go over another state. I couldnít take it anymore I had to get over him so I enrolled in an out of state school 6 hours from home, and from ďhimĒ. All my friends hung out a lot to help say our good byeís. Then in July it happened. We were playing ďdirtyĒ truth or dare I was dared to kiss him on the lips. I tried to get out of it sense his gf was right there, but there was no way out. It was a short, but it felt so good. Of course his gf was very suspicious when I was left alone with him. THATíS when it happened He broke up with her 10 days!! Before I had to leave for college. We hung out every day of those 10 days, and talked late at night on the phone. Then 2 days before I had to leave we saw inception, and he had never been more flirty and physical with me then that moment. We didnít want the night to end. So I suggest we climb my roof. When we got up there the moon was shinning perfectly in one spot. The spot we were sitting in and he wrapped his arms around me, because it was freezing, but not cold enough to make us move. Then the night ends no good night kiss, but we held on so tight it was like we were never going see each other again. Saturday came I said good bye to my family, and then drove out with my dad to my college I couldnít believe I had come so close to having him be mine. I thought that was it game over. But fate had other ideas. It was late at night, and he called me to check up, and see how I was doing. Well soon those how are you doings calls would last until 3 in the morning but I didnít care. He was staying connected it showed that he doesnít want it to be over, and neither did I. Now I await the chance for me to go home again, because I know exactly what Iím going to do. What Iíve been dreaming to do. Hug him tightly, and kiss him hard on the mouth. *sigh* Only 56 days, 11 hours, 22 minutes, and 42 seconds until I see him again, and I canít wait.


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