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We met in pep-band

It's odd for a young teenager to be able to say that they are in love. Never-the-less a MALE teenager. But I am. She means the world to me. We met in pep-band during middle school. Oh we hated each other... well... maybe not hated, but definitely not too fond of each other. I'm a sophomore and she is a freshman. When she got into HS, something had changed about her. We had band pictures and she was so beautiful, that was when I started to have feelings for her. A few weeks later, after talking and playing the "I'm not really interested" card, I got a message on Facebook. "Will you go out with me?" It hit me like a bullet. "She likes me back!?" Turns out, right after saying, "Yes, I would love to," she sent another message. "Please don't tell me you read that message my little brother sent!" I was crushed. We got to talking though and decided to give it a real shot. She was my first kiss and when my lips touched hers, I KNEW I was in love with her. unfortunately, I was moving half way across the country in a month... I now reside in Kansas City, Missouri, 700 miles away from the love of my life. We are still dating, and I'm so thrilled by it. I plan to visit her by the end of this year. When I turn 18, I am going to go to college near my hometown to be near her. I've always said "Just a small town girl, and the city boy." I can honestly say that I intend to spend the rest of my life with this girl. I am a big fan of the American dream... Family, beautiful wife, kids, great job... She's my beautiful wife. Or will be. I hope... We're in love. What more can I say? She has my heart... I am a musician. Within the first month of dating I wrote her 4 songs and over 15 poems telling her how much I loved her. I will always love this girl. I hope she will always feel the same. <3


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