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My random encounters with love

This isn't really a "love story". This is more of my random encounters with love, well at least that's what I think. What would you have done if a guy you liked suddenly shows up during your vacation? Well, I would have asked him why he was there, I would want to know if the reason he showed up there was actually because he wanted to be with me. Yes, these are the things I would have wanted to know. What if he just smiled after you asked him these questions? I would have thought that my assumptions were wrong and I would have been just completely embarrassed by asking those questions and worst of all, you never found out why he was there. I would have wanted the answers to these questions. I would have wanted to know if I was just clearly assuming that this guy I liked flew all the way to where I was just to be with me or if he really just wanted to go on vacation also or if he just went to the same place to look for girls. It would have made a big difference if I had known. Now I might never know. And I thought that I have learned from the past. A lot of years ago, I fell into the "best friend" trap. The "friendville" place where I fell in love with my best friend. I knew that I loved him but I did not think that I was in-love with him. It is true, you don't know what you got til it's gone. I knew I told him that I love him as a friend, we even had several debates about falling in-love with a friend. I was against it while he was convinced that it's better to be friends and then fall in love with each other. I was so wrong. I should have known them. I should have understood that he was right. I now know that he is right but I am too late. He's happily married now and I will never tell him what I feel about him. He doesn't need to know now. This is just something that I need to take to the grave with me. Seems like there isn't any happy ending to this story yet. It goes on until someday, if there is really someone for me. Maybe then only until then I can tell my real love story.


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