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I still really love you

Ok, so Im 13 now and when I was 12, i met this guy who had the most gorgeous hair and a unique blue colour for his eyes. He was everything I ever wanted. After a couple of months, Danny asked me out. I said yes straight away and we were so madly in love. I stayed up all night talking to him on msn and dreamt of him every night. I knew we were going to be together forever.
But all of a sudden he seemed to become more distant. He never came on msn and when he did he wasn't very chatty. We hardly ever seen each other and when I wass nearby i would text him and see if he wanted to meet up with me. But now he was " too busy ". The last month or so of our relationship was so horrible i cried myself to sleep every night. It was like i was isolated from the whole world now that he wouldnt talk to me. I hadnt even done anything wrong, either. In the end I had to end it because I was so upset.
Then a couple of weeks later he was going out with one of my friends. I was so mad and upset that I was ill. I couldnt physically move. I had a diary and inside was all of the memories of our relationship and that was when I realised that we were meant to be, forever.. I loved him like crazy but he wasnt interested.
I eventually started dating someone else, but it didnt last. While I was dating Josh, Danny finally realised thhat he still loved me but I wasnt bothered coz i was with Josh.
Now Im all alone and I know that danny is all i ever want. If you ever read this danny then please know that I still really love you no matter what has happened before because i Know you have changed.


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