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He was the dorky nerd

We met acually my sophmore year. He was the dorky nerd and I was the head cheerleader. He was dating this girl named Jessica and I was dating a guy named Cody. We were friends but not really close. The begining of my senior year is when it started. He started to catch my attention. I was surprised because I never really looked at him before and got butterflies and now all of the sudden I did. What was happening to me.I didnt know if he even liked me back at all. One day in math class he told me he liked me through the caculator( you know the one where you can make letters.The fancy ones). Wow my dream was finally coming true. He asked me out a couple of weeks later and of course I said yes. We were together for 9 months. It may seem short but I knew I was in love. He asked me to marry him on my graduation day. He had it all planed out. He even had his mothers ring. I was head over heels for him. I would have jumped in front of a truck for him. I couldnt wait till he turned 18. See he was one grade below me. So that meant I would be going of to college and he would still be in high school. Well about the middle of June I heard from my best friend that he was dating one of my friends Hanna. I was so hurt. First of all we were still datng and then WHAT I thought you loved me. You wanted to marry me. Well later that week he called and said he couldnt do this anymore. That this long distance relationship wasnt going to work out for him. I was crushed. I cryed myself to sleep everynight for weeks. A little while later I found out that he started some rumor that I had sex with one of the counselers at a camp where I worked and he was telling everybody that that was why we broke up. Well lets just say we didnt talk for a long time after that. Its sad though because even though I moved one and so did he I still love him and always will. I tryed being his friend a couple of times but he changes the stories when he tells other poeple what I said and makes me look like the bad guy so that didnt work out to well. We still talk but it will never be the same really I just dont understand what really went wrong?


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