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I'm so lucky to get a chance to post my LOVE STORY..!!

I was 19 years old and was pursuing my intermediate on the year 2000 at that time one of my close relatives daughter was attracted to a boy who is not match.

As i get jealous that this is not perfect so i decided to be her boyfriend and LP to so i tried to be closer to her and she also came closer to me and our relationship became strong.After 2 to 3 years we were so close and my intention was to bring in right track and give support to her. SO i tried a lot and at last i get success she came to know that how much i'm taking care. Years passed away we were just in eye contacts and i was taking care of her indirectly. When the time came i proposed and said "WILL YOU BE MINE FOREVER AT OUR TEMPLE"

And she just gey shy and have a smile in her face and went away. Later on throgh signal i came to know that she is interested.SO we continued for 5 to 6 years then have telephone contact and later have direct contact and maximum our meeting place was our temple, becoz i believe in GOD she too. SO our relationship continue for years and suddenly i faced accident and it took 11 months to recover at that time there were no contacts.

After i reached home and i came to know that alreadt there is a proposal of marriage from her family members and she also get agreed due to force of her family. When i came to know it hurted me a lot and i decided to have it. So i do agreed with the marriage proposal and later on as there was long duration of Marriage as the boy was not yet ready to marry as wants to be settle with a little house.

So after 1 year again we have contacts as i tried a lot to convience her but she was telling i can't live without you but unable to say at home.

Later on one day i decided to have a step ahead so i called her family members 1st to her brother who was out of station and he got angry and told are you mad. I told just i want to marry your sister reply with YES or No. He told don't talk rubbish and disconnected the call. Then suddendly i gave a call to her home and her father picked the call and told you are so educated and from a royal family do you know what are you doing. I replied i need relationship to be joined which was broken for a missunderstanding between our families.

Because my real intention was to make together to both the families, even though my family was always denying their relation.

So after have a converstaion with her father i came to know that she was forced to marry their.

So i asked her thousands of times that have a topic of your deny as they are postponding your marriage day.

But my last talk was on Feb 17 2008 and the date was 6 days prior to her marriage day.

As i went to met her and told to come with me but she denied to come and gave me reply that i'm not your _______ to come wherever you ask to me.

I felt very sad and just cut off my hands nerve and disconnected the call.As one of my friend came and helped me a lot.

Then just i came back from her track and i lived for my family and my friends as after my break up one of my friend helped me a lot to bring positibe thoughts in my mind which helped me a lot till now as i'm living myself but sometimes if i remeber the past then i get upset and use to say only one sentence which is very usefull to me hope it may be for all those who get failure in their love after a long relationship.


A small quote:-
" Loving the person is not only to get her/him and ending the life,Its all about getting the love and keeping it forever till end of the life."

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