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I just knew he was the one

I was in a verry good relationship with my current exboyfreind, john. when we were together everything just seemed right and felt right. i remeber when he first introdused all of his freinds to me. ( now i knew them i just didt talk to the "stoners" at school.) so weeks turned into months and before i knew it i was hanging out with john and all of his freinds and i befreinded them as well. when i first layed my eyes on mike, i knew i just KNEW he was the one. even tho i was with john, i still would make up excuses to talk to mike and play the whole "bestfreind" card with him. and he loved every minet of it. the only problem was john. he was bestfreinds with mike, and come to find out, mike was also naiboirs to john AND my aunt hiedi. so i soon figured out that i knew mike when we were younger. BOOOM, just like that, i knew it, i liked him. everytime after that we would all hangout smoke, and be stupid kids. we had shared many secrets, hopes fears and dislikes of the world around us. it was all verry new and exciteing everytime we saw eachother. but i somehow managed to feel at home with him. so yes, this passed july, my half sister, paige, passed away in a house fire. mike was theonly one to even care or offer to show theleast bit of compassion. john had only cared about his weed. so, i did it i dumped john. and soon after that, me and mike became a "thing" and then escalated to "boyfreind and girlfreind". we are still currently together and verry happy. my advise to other girls who have similar stories, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART. beacuase the more time i wasted on john, the more i hurt him, and the less time i spent being mikes gf. <3 xoxo,Busch gal.


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