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You will never see these words

You will never read these words. I know i will never see you again. Hold you in my arms. Kiss you. It took a long time for me to feel alright again. It was real for me. Therefore i can never forget. You blew in and out of my life, like the wind. It will be three years this January. All the memories are faded. But when i lay down at night, i can feel your arms around me. Whispering 'i love you' in my ear. I can still smell your cologne. The way your face lit up when you smiled. How much i loved to hear you laugh. I think i always knew you were going to leave. But i loved you anyway. My mind plays back that day again and again. You took me in your arms, kissed my lips, i felt myself fall apart as your fingers slipped out of mine. Watched you walk away, watched your truck disappear. I must've stood there for an hour. Hoping you'd turn around. you didn't. I still go back, to that day we spent at the lake. It's a perfect memory. That's how i choose to remember you. To remember us. Sometimes i wonder, what you ever did with all those pictures you had of me. Did you ever love me at all? Do you ever wonder how im doing? You definitely left your mark. We were just beginning. "It wasn't long enough together. But it was long enough to last forever." -Rascal Flatts. In my heart, i'll always be in love with you.


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