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It's a crazy feeling that came over me

-,,, it was winter of 06 when i met the man of my dreams, all of my cousins and friends gathered at my aunts house for a sleep over while the parents were at my house having a little get together of their own, Lucky for me my mom and aunts friend decided to bring her sons along and they came by the house i was at. I noticed him right away and a huge rush came over me at this age i instantly told my girls i had a crush on him and i was beginning to notice with each minute that went by something knew about him,how his smile would brighten up a room or how his laugh would make me smile in ways id never imagined, i know its weird feeling this way right away but its a crazy feeling that came over me, from that night on we some how exchanged numbers and it was history from there

_______Now its summer of 07 and by august me and him both knew it was fast but we care for each other so much why not take it to the next level__he ended up asking me to be his girl august 8th 2007 because he knew 8 was my favorite # and he wanted our 1yr anniversary to be 8-8-2008:). i told him of course right away and we became inseparable from then on. unfortunately we never made it to our 1 yr because of situations we came across. with all the forks in the road we still managed to keep our love for each other strong. We both went our on ways i moved on to some other guy that cant compare to (him)my love in NO kind of way. I know it was wrong for me to do that but I was young and foolish i ended up falling hard for this knew guy and my love had noticed that so he himself started talking to a few other girls he happened to find himself a girl as well. with my new relationship it was on and off and was unhealthy for me. I would guess the same for him. and whenever me and him did see each other we couldn't help but keep the sparks flying, in the end i ended things with the new guy and tried to move fwd with life
i talked to him about the break up and he told me bout his, we both instantly started falling back in love with each other from there it went so fast we ourselves couldnt control it. we had a bright future ahead of us, but i couldnt help but notice he still was a bit mad at me for moving on so fast to the other guy so it was a little rocky because he had no trust for me,
even with that we
both felt for each other deeply and planned for our future......we wanted to get married and live a happy life together but ____soon as everything was fixing into place something went TOTALLY WRONGG..he went to ATL for a trip and his friend was there he ended up doing things with her and soon as he got back he made sure he told me i was devastated my heart broke and i felt as if i was alone in the world how someone who says they love me could jus do something like that..but KNOWING how much i loved him i didnt want to lose him so i forgave him right away===but he wasnt feeling the same after that month he became more n more distant which crushed me..i still tryed with him but there was a huge wall up>? so i gave up and the yr went by. now its 2010 and its my graduation yr the yr we were suppose to announce our engagement to our parents, my mom loves the kid so i knew she was going to be esthetic about it but as graduation rolled around things didnt go as planned and it didnt happen. :( I believe til this day his the one i belong with and will marry just hope one day he realizes that and takes a chance with me one last time. I love him dearly and will never throw away what we had. the end:) I K R A M D. p.s Badaso Osman i love you with all my heart and i wish ud realize it. you mean the world to me and ill never give up on you!


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