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We were right for each other in the end

I was doing my freshman year at university. I'd worked really hard to do well and get into the university I wanted, and I got it. We were told we had to sign up for two extra curricular activities. I chose horse-riding, as it was a long-term passion of mine, and weaponry. I excelled at my course, and the Horse Master could tell I was good with horses. I wasn't starting weaponry till the second semester, but I had my hands full with a young distrustful horse.

Then came the guy who walked into the stable of the colt. Luckily, I was in there. The colt, Star, went mental and started kicking and bucking. It took me nearly an half an hour to calm him down, and then I turned to the guy. Because I'm a 4'11 blonde, I think he thought I was going to be all sweet. He didn't have so much luck. I screamed at him. Even though he did horse-riding too, he avoided me a lot after that. We hated each other.

The second semester came. My grades were in the A bracket, and I had plenty of time for my extra-curricular stuff, so I was more than pleased. We started the weaponry course and I was partnered with the guy. Apparently, I was a natural. The weapons felt so right in my hands, and the Weapons Master was a good teacher.

We came to wrestling, and one of the bigger, burlier guys started punching up the guy, whose name I knew by then was Tom. I don't know what came over me, but I jumped into the ring, kneed the guy where it hurts, punched his lights out and got Tom out of the ring. I guess it went from there. He was sweet, and with a bit of training, became a good fighter. We were good weapons partners, and we often had races on our horses, but I found myself wanting more.

He made the first move. Okay, it was only math tutoring, but it was a start. We stayed up late, drank a load of coffee, and quite a bit of vodka, and woke up on each other's sofas or floors. He asked me out one night, when we were both really drunk, but he passed out before he heard my answer. It was only 3 weeks later that we were both sober enough to actually stay awake long enough to hear the other person's answer.

We got married last summer, and are now expecting our first child. Just because things aren't perfect at the start doesn't mean that you don't end up right in the end.


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